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Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels photoNothing sets off the look of a vehicle more than a stunning set of alloy wheels. Nowadays, most vehicle makers include a basic bland set to help make their models stand out, but to really make an impression you have to look to the after-market for a really cool set.

There are several makers at all price/quality points and we act as agents for the better ones. We offer impartial advice as to what will and won’t work with regard to rim and tyre sizes to suit individual vehicles. There are so many sizes, styles, finishes and brands out in the marketplace we will happily quote you a most competitive price as we do not carry this stock and so are more price/quality conscious.

Authorised suppliers for Bridgestone
Authorised suppliers for Continental
Authorised suppliers for Dunlop
Authorised suppliers for GoodYear
Authorised suppliers for Michelin
Authorised suppliers for Pirelli