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Computerised 4 Wheel Alignment

Computerised 4 Wheel Alignment photoComputerised 4 wheel alignment is probably the most important advance in preventative vehicle maintenance in years.
Most modern vehicles now have their suspension/steering adjustable on both back and front. This is that as these parts bed in and begin to wear out the vehicle is adjustable to maintain its road holding and performance.

Over time we have found the more adjustable a vehicle is, the easier it is to go outside of its original specification (depending on conditions of use) leading to a detrimental effect on tyre life and handling.

How do you spot it and know it’s your problem?

Easy! If you vehicle seems to be constantly heading towards the roadside or across the middle of the road while your steering is held straight then first check your tyres air pressures and correct if necessary. If the problem persists then chances are your alignment/ tracking is out and its time to head to the professionals.

What causes it?

Generally, arguments with potholes, kerbs, speed ramps too fast and general driving on badly cambered (sloping) rough roads in the countryside.

How often should you get it seen to?

If you notice premature irregular wear off to one side on the front or rear of your vehicles tyres. If you feel a pull in the steering as mentioned previously. Otherwise, once a year or every 10,000 miles approx.

The term “tracking” is an old one referring to straightening the front wheels only as the rears were factory set and not adjustable.

For vehicles that have an adjustable rear, just doing the front wheels and getting them straight is a waste of your time and money as nothing is solved and the problem continues.

Other items that may need professional adjustment are the vehicles Caster (one wheel in front or behind the other as viewed from above).

Camber (one or both wheels leaning in or out when viewed from an upright position from the front or rear).

We would be happy to advise you on any specific problems that you might have in this regard.

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