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Electronic Wheel Balancing

What does it do? How do I know that I need it?

You need to get this looked at if you experience the steering wheel shake/tremble in your hand or feel the vehicles dashboard vibrate at speeds above 40mph and it gets progressively worse as speed increases. It can begin to happen at any speed above this depending on the severity of the imbalance.

It’s caused by an imbalance between the tyre and the rim because of irregular tyre wear, hitting a pothole or changing a wheel fitting your spare etc.

It’s an unnerving feeling to experience when you’re driving and if you think it’s bad at the steering wheel, imagine what all that shake rattle and roll is doing to your suspension, steering and drive train.

Don’t worry, it’s a cheap fix for a return to peace and tranquillity behind the wheel again as rebalancing the wheels by attaching little balance weights strategically around the wheel cures it.

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