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People Carrier

People carrierSeven seaters are becoming more and more common on our roads as we discover their practical benefits when you have more than two kids and they are into a variety of sports. Not alone are you caring for your own pride and joy but normally the neighbour’s Royal Family too; all the more reason to be cautious as to what tyres you fit to same.

Decision number one, is it the families primary vehicle that is used for all the long trips? If yes, then the need to spend a little more on tyres might be required, if a secondary vehicle, then a lesser quality cheaper tyre that still gives reasonable grip and return would do the trick and offer a genuine saving.

Again like the family saloon spend as much as you can afford. An excerpt from “What Car” magazine September 2010 tells a little more. “Don’t even think about skimping on tyres. Its tempting to save money in the short term by going for the budget option, but you’d be unwise to do so. Tyres are the only part of your car that make contact with the road, so you’re far better off sticking to the premium brands and hunting around for the lowest prices on those. As an investigation by What Car clearly showed, cheap tyres could easily cost you your life.

The rest of the article makes for an interesting read showing a big difference in wet braking distance from the best at 59.5m from 70mph, a Michelin sport to the worst performer at 82.4m a Sunew YS112 a Chinese tyre all fitted to a an Opel Meriva. That’s about 14m difference or in something you can relate to the length of an articulated lorry on our roads.

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