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SUV Tyres

Photo of SUV tyresThe SUV tyre – Suburban Utility Vehicle – is one of the tyre industry’s faster growing market segments in recent history. People just liked the higher more relaxed driving position and many viewed these vehicles as being safer on the road due to their size in the event of an impact. Others bought into the lifestyle image of the clever marketing campaigns. Few owners ever ventured off road far enough to get mud splattered above the bumper line. For these vehicles a range of tyres got developed that offered the height and size required for the image but with the driving characteristics of a saloon car or people carrier, while still offering good looks in the pattern and style department.

Tyres like the BF Goodrich Long Trail, Pirelli ATR and STR, Goodyear Wrangler and Michelin Latitude Tour and Cross come to mind along with the Bridgestone D689 and Dunlop AT20. All of these are suitable for fast road work and a few green lanes too. All the above along with a few more brands come as recommended products. Some will be more suitable than others depending on individual circumstances and requirements, best talk with your local 4×4 tyre expert for their opinion on your usage or use the contact us section of this website, we would be happy to help.

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