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Prestige Tyres

Prestige tyresThe best recommendation I can make on these tyres and vehicles is to stick with the tyres both size and pattern as fitted by the manufacturer. Normally a lot of time and money goes into matching a particular tyre to a high end vehicle and as a result the vehicle actually behaves better on its matched tyre than it does on a higher speced competitor brand, be it cheaper or dearer.

Most tyre manufacturers now produce tyres for specific vehicles and even models with tuned tyres to match suspensions and noise emissions. A few examples of same are: NO =Porsche, MO = Mercedes, *= BMW, AO = Audi, RO1 = Audi RS models and A = Toyota Auris. Other vehicle manufacturers are also in this list but these would be the biggest ones. Now are you beginning to see why we recommend the tyres we do, not out of profit potential but by applying our experience. Oh, and we could really do with the repeat business which we won’t get if we recommend the wrong tyre.

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